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God Is Bigger Than Any Obstacle! Ward Miles – First Year (Video)


Watching tiny Ward’s miracle transformation from being born incredibly premature to a thriving baby will have you crying tears of joy. Benjamin Scott Miller created this beautiful clip for his wife’s birthday to celebrate the journey of this loving family and God’s goodness.

Ward was born nearly 3.5 months early and weighed just over a pound – as soon as he was out of his mother’s womb, he was rushed into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Her mother, Lyndsey, wasn’t even able to hold her son until his fourth day under the care of NICU staff.

Most people don’t know that babies born around 26 weeks of gestation do end up surviving until the one year. But since Ward was born a bit before that mark, things looked iffy at first. Luckily God’s will and their countless prayers brought Ward through the first year of his life, and now we get to watch his amazing transformation to a healthy, happy one-year-old.


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