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Lose 30 Pounds per Month With Only a Spoonful Of The Murder Of Obesity


Getting rid of the excess pounds can be really difficult process. However, most of the experts and nutritionists agree that boosting the metabolism is actually the most powerful way in the process of weight loss.

You can achieve this goal by implementing some new foods into your diet. There some spices that can significantly boost your metabolism and thus burn the excess fat and weight in your body without doing anything.

You should be aware that hunger is a common obstacle you have to overcome again and again if you have been on a weight loss program. However, you will not have to starve your body so that you burn fat if you make the right dietary choices.

Cumin definitely one of the most effective fat burning spices according to the University of Medical Sciences of Iran.

The university conducted a 3 month study and included 44 obese women separated in two groups. Both groups were given healthy food and advices for healthy lifestyle. The only difference was that one of the groups was also consuming 3 g of cumin (powdered) on a daily basis.

These women mixed 140 g of yogurt and the amount of cumin. The other group only consumed the yogurt.

The results were amazing! The group who only consumed yogurt lost 4.91 % fat, where the cumin group lost 14.64% fat or 14 pounds more than the other group.

Thanks to the presence of filosterole, this seed prevents cholesterol retention in the body. This compound is the key for boosting the entire metabolism into a fat burning mode!

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