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How To Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day To Lose Weight

Water is cheap, has zero calories and has plety health benefits.  It can help you lose weight, fix digestive issues, flash out toxins and it has skin and hair benefits.

Since drinking water before a meal can help you lose weight, some people drink up to a gallon daily. This will affect your overall health-you  will feel refreshed and energized in the morning, without having to drink coffee and it will fight your food cravings.

Many times when we feel hungry our bodies are acctually thirsty. We tend to confuse this and therefore over eat and gain weight. Drinking water can provide the necessary hydration in which case we won’t over eat.

Here’s how you can start drinking a gallon of water:

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up, 1 while you’re making breakfast and 1 during breakfast. Add lemon, line, cucamber and mint to enhance the flavor.
  2. Drink more water if you’re exercising to compensate for the loss of water during prespiration.
  3. Carry water everywhere. At work, drink 3 glasses before lunch and 2 during.
  4. Between lunch and dinner drink 3glasses of water and drink 2 more during dinner.
  5. At night have 1 glass of water with a snack.

Drink a gallon of water for a month and you will have more energy and you will cleanse your organism. It will work better, your skin will improve and you will lose weight.

Note:When your kidneys can not flush out the water this may cause hyponatraemia which reduces sodium levels. Your kidneys can process 1 l in 1 hour.

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