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How To Tell If Your Eggs Came From A Sick Chicken (+ How To Find Healthy Eggs)


There aren’t many more delicious meals than cooked eggs. It doesn’t matter how they’re cooked – fried, boiled or scrambled eggs are equally delicious, but besides tasting great, they’re important for our health as well.

However, not all eggs are equal, and people don’t know how to recognize them as well.

How to recognize healthy eggs

Do you know how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy chicken? A healthy chicken eats different foods every day, including meat and bugs.

All the quality nutrients from the foods chicken eat are transferred to the eggs. In order to provide the best eggs, chicken need to be able to move freely and eat only organic food.

Chicken that live in small cages their whole life never get the nutrients they need, so their eggs are not of the same quality as the others.

Here are some tips on how to recognize a healthy egg:

Shell density and hardness

The egg shell should be hard and dense – if it breaks easily, the egg is not of good quality. Chicken on a good diet produce strong eggs whose shells are tough to break.

Yolk color

The yolk should be deep orange in color, so make sure to avoid bright or light-colored yolks.

Yolk thickness

Healthy eggs yolks are thicker and rounder – anything else than that means that the egg isn’t of good quality.

According to a study published in the Oxford Journal, the amount of beta-carotene in eggs can be boosted if the chicken is fed with foods rich in the compound.

Another study has revealed that the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs can be increased by boosting the level of DHA in the chicken’s diet.

The best quality eggs can be bought from local farmers. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy your own chicken and put them on a quality diet in order to get healthy eggs.

Contact a local farm and ask them how they raise their chicken and follow their tips for best results. This will give you an endless supply of high-quality eggs which will surely taste better than those in the market.

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