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Immediately Change These 5 Habits and Reduce Chance Of Heart Attack By 80%!


When there is impaired or restricted blood flow to certain parts of your heart muscle that is when you can have a heart attack. What usually causes it is the arterial plaque.

This plaque is built up on the arterial walls, and with that, a blood clot can be created, and that can actually prevent for you to have a proper flow of blood.

Today the primary cause of death in the U.S. is the heart attacks. A recent study reports that the coronary artery disease and the cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause for million deaths in one year.

These diseases actually lead to heart attack. According to health experts, only this year around 920,000 Americans are expected to experience a heart attack.

What can we do in order to prevent this? We can start by changing our lifestyle and also our habits.

Our modern way of living is actually the reason behind the heart attacks. We can lower the risk with few changes in our diet and our lifestyle.

According to Karolinska Institute, you can lower the possibility of heart attack by 80 percent. How? You need change your lifestyle and to follow these following five habits.

5 Habits That Can Prevent Heart Attack

1. No smoking

2. No alcohol

3. Healthy well-balanced diet

4. Healthy waist circumference

5. Regular physical activities

Healthy Diet

What is a threat to your health is the sugar, processed food and also food with refined carbohydrate. However, saturated fats found in eggs, lard, and butter are actually beneficial when it comes to your health.

Why? Because they can help to lower the LDL i.e. bad cholesterol. This cholesterol is related to heart diseases.

2 Types of Cholesterol

1. High- density cholesterol (HDL)

2. Low-density cholesterol (LDL)

The high-density cholesterol i.e. HDL is beneficial for your health.

On the other hand, the low-density cholesterol i.e. LDL can cause plaque to build up, and that is harmful. The levels of LDL cholesterol can be increased by consuming white flour, bread, and soda.

Healthy plan

You need to:

  • Eat fruit on a regular basis. Fruit is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Most fruits are good when it comes to your heart, and also they have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • You need to avoid fructose, grains and processed sugar.
  • Keep your ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in balance. Lack of omega-3 can result with consequences considering your physical and mental health. Instead of the usual vegetable oil, use krill oil of high-quality. Another alternative is to consume more oily fish like sardines and anchovies.
  • Eat protein sources of high-quality instead of grain carbohydrates. You can increase the consumption of vegetables. And also fats of high quality such as coconut oil, coconuts, nut oil, organic egg yolks, grass-fed meat, avocados, butter, raw nuts, and raw dairy.

According to Health Experts

People who consume fruit that is the sweeter fruits regularly actually have 40 percent lower risk to have cardiovascular disease.

Remember these 2 rules:

1. People with healthy weight and people who do not have health issues should consume fruit on a regular basis. Consume food after you are done with exercise. Why?

Because the sugar you consume will serve as a fuel for your body and it can also help to prevent the increase of the levels of blood sugar.

2. People who suffer from leptin resistance and insulin, like those with diabetes, high cholesterol and people that are overweight should reduce the consumption of fruit.

On a daily basis these people should not consume more than 15 grams.

Beta-Blockers and Misconduct

The beta-blockers can prevent the neurotransmitters and norepinephrine-epinephrine i.e. adrenaline to bind to beta receptors.

Beta-blockers are also given to patients that do not have the need for heart surgery. In Europe, because of these blockers there have been 800,000 cases of death.

Diabetes Medications

Metformin is a standard medication when it comes to diabetes. This medication is connected with the high risk of TSH i.e. low levels of the hormone that stimulates the thyroid.

What can low TSH do is that it can have an influence on your overall health. In addition, it can lead to cardiovascular issues and also atrial fibrillation that may cause congestive heart failure.

According to a recent study, if you try to treat the type 3 diabetes with the use of prescription drugs you can lower the levels of blood glucose. However, that can increase the risk of death related to heart diseases.

8 Ways to Protect Your Heart

1. Walk barefoot, and you will get antioxidants from the earth. These antioxidants can relieve the inflammation in your body.

2. Consume more saturated animal fats that are unprocessed.

3. Avoid statins, because they can have side effects.

4. Reduce as much as you can the exposure to anxiety and stress.

5. Avoid sugars like processed grains and fructose.

6. Exercise on a regular basis. You can weight-lift, stretch, do core workout and high-intensity interval training.

7. Do not sit too long.

8. You need to increase the intake when it comes to vitamin D. You can either spend more time outside in the sun, or you can simply take vitamin D supplements.

Source http://health-and-love-page.com


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