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FDA finally said that chicken meat is consisted of cancer – causing arsenic

Chicken meat is the most consumed meat anywhere in the world. It contains many minerals that are important for our body, and it is therefore advisable for young children to eat it. But this applies only to meat that is produced at home.

According to Food and Drug Administraton (FDA) it is proven that the chickens who are being given the drug, the examinations held over them are actually positive for inorganic arsenic.

Although this issue was ignored for a long time, the FDA decided finally to announce that the chicken meat which is found in the stores in the USA is consisted of arsenic, which is an extreme toxic chemical which created cancer, plus is life threatening when used in high doses. The scariest thing is that the chickens are feed with intention!

The FDA was able to discover that almost half of all chickens who were examined have absorbed inorganic arsenic, the most toxic and dangerous form was found inside their liver. According to those information, the agency asked Pfizer to stop with the process of production and creation of Roxarsone, this has become part of them because it is an arsenic-containing drug which has been placed in feeding the fatten chickens plus it makes the meat to look with bright pink hue.

The Wall Street Journal has published:
“The agency pointed out not a long time ago that a performed research which included 100 broiler chickens which discovered inorganic arsenic at bigger levels inside the livers of chickens healed with 3-Nitro opposed to the mot treated chickens … Pfizer pointed out that the sale of 3-Nitro it will certainly be forbidden by early July in order to give the animal producers to transmit to another treatments.

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Still, even though the arsenic-containing product is taken off and removed from the shelves inside the stores, the FDA keeps promoting their campaign of denial, saying and trying to convince people that arsenic in chickens it is in an incredibly small amount a thing which makes the meat to be perfectly good and safe for eating. This is also like the FDA would say arsenic represents a carcinogen drug, so this just means that it makes bigger the risk of appearance of cancer.

The University of South Carolina Department of Environmental Health Sciences announced a warning saying that the arsenic, all together with lead and mercury, are well-known for the creation of disgusting and incredibly damaging effects especially to developing fetuses and young children. All in all arsenic has been pointed out that it is approximately four times as poisonous as Mercury. Also, it has been pointed out that the trivalent Arsenic As+3 is 60 times much more toxic opposed to the pentavalent As +5.

A research which was shown inside the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that people who ate bigger amounts of arsenic-tinged rice, during the absence of another very well-known arsenic exposure, expressed an important cellular changes connected with the creation of cancer.
The surprising thing regarding this problem is that the FDA says to their clients that it is perfectly good and safe the consummation of arsenic which creates cancer however on the other hand they say that it is very serious if people drink elderberry juice!


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