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How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy With the Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Today we’re going to present a simple diet which can help you lose up to 10 pounds in just a week. The so-called Japanese morning banana diet has helped thousands of people around the world lose a big amount of weight. The diet was quite popular in Japan in 2008, causing a shortage of banana in stores.

It was invented by Sumiko Watanabe, an Osaka-based pharmacist, who created it for her husband who was trying to lose weight. After losing a whopping 16.8 kg. in just a week, Hitoshi Watanabe wrote a post about the diet on an online networking service, where it quickly gained thousands of followers.

As the name suggests, the diet involves eating a banana and drinking a glass of water in the morning. You can eat anything you want during the day – it may sound unbelievable, but the diet really works!

After trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for a long time, Watanabe listened to his wife’s advice and started eating bananas and drinking a glass of water for breakfast. Sumiko, Hitoshi’s wife, is a pharmacist with a lot of experience who did a lot of research in order to help her husband lose weight. After her new invention helped her husband lose a lot of weight, he wrote about it online and the post went viral. The morning banana diet has helped thousands of people lose a lot of weight since then without adverse side-effects.

The diet works thanks to the bananas. The tropical fruit is rich in resistant starch which promotes weight loss as well as a variety of nutrients the body requires on a daily basis. Starch can be divided into 2 groups – resistant and digestible. Resistant starch doesn’t dissolve in the intestine and goes directly to the large intestine where it starts fermenting. This process transforms resistant starch to short-chain fatty acids which improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract.

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The diet doesn’t specify how many bananas you need to eat – you should eat until you feel full. In general, the Japanese follow the 80/20 rule – 8 parts of a full stomach go for themselves, while 2 parts go for the doctor. This is why the Japanese eat 80% of their meal and leave the remaining 20% in the plate.

To activate your metabolism in the morning, you need to drink a glass of lukewarm water, then wait 60 minutes before eating a banana. If you’re still hungry after 20 minutes, have another banana and make sure you’re eating them raw. In one of his books, Hitoshi Watanabe says that you should completely eliminate alcohol and milk from your diet for a week, and eat your last meal at 8PM sharp. You should also go to sleep before midnight as going later has been related to obesity. For lunch and dinner, you can eat anything you like, but you must eat fruit for snacks between meals.

What makes the diet unique?

In simple terms, the bananas. Bananas are the most popular tropical fruit in the world which offers numerous health benefits. They are rich in potassium and fiber which can boost your digestion, and are pretty cheap as well, so they won’t break your bank. Eating bananas for breakfast regularly will boost your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar levels, effectively reducing hunger and managing your weight.

The glass of warm water will further boost your metabolism and keep your cravings under control. By following this diet for a week, you will lose an amazing amount of weight and look better than ever!

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